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The Chordinator is a Song Sheet viewer for Android Smart Phones, allowing you to view the chords and lyrics to your favourite songs quickly and easily. No internet connection is required as the songs are stored on the sd card. Guitar Chord Grids can be switched on and off easily. The app has all common chord shapes built in and additional chords or inversions can be easily added to individual songs. Songs can be transposed instantly and the key is remembered the next time you view the song. The Auto scroll feature allows you to play the complete song without taking your hands off your instrument. Thescroll speed is variable. The text size can be changed to suit you and the app takes care of reformatting the song for the screen.
The Chordinator supports the popular ChordPro song format. There are many songs available in this format on the internet. The song format is explained in detail here.



AVAILABLE now for all Android phones from the Android Market Place - absolutely FREE.

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