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And Example Song

{title:My 1st Song}{composer:Bunk Spubble}<Intro>[C][F][G]<Verse>[Am]These are the words to the [F]chorus. I [Gm]know they're pretty [G#m7]crap. But [Bb]give me any [Esus4]grief, and I'll give you a dry [E]slap.<Chorus>....

Which will come out looking like this:

Chord Grids

The Chordinator can print guitar chord grids for all the common chords in all keys. It is also easy to add additional chord shapes into your songs. These are the common chord types supported:

Maj, 11, 13, 5, 6, 7, 9, aug, dim, dim7, m, m6, m7, m7b5, m9, maj7, sus2, sus4.

Additional shapes can be added to the song using the "chordgrids" tag.:


In the above example the chord Bsus4 is defined relative to the 2nd fret (the "_2" before the first comma). The 1st String (low E string) is not played (x). 2nd string (A string) is played at Fret 2 + 1, 3rd string (D string is played at 2 + 3, etc. You can define as many chord shapes within the same tag - just put a comma after each shape.

The two grids in the example will look like this:

ChordPro Formatting Tags supported by Chordinator
* {title: title string} ({t:string})
* {subtitle: subtitle string} ({st:string}) - same as {artist:}
* {start_of_chorus} ({soc}) - switches on printing in fake bold
* {end_of_chorus} ({eoc}) - switches off printing in fake bold
* {comment: string} ({c:string}) - same as <string>
* {define:.......} - chord grid definitions
* # - lines beginning with # are comments and will not be displayed
* {start_of_tab} ({sot}) / {end_of_tab} ({eot}) - everything between them IGNORED
* {guitar_comment: string} ({gc:string}) - IGNORED
* {new_song} ({ns}) - IGNORED
* {new_page} ({np}) - IGNORED
* {new_physical_page} ({npp}) - IGNORED
* {column_break} ({colb}) - IGNORED
* {data_abc: xyz} ({d_abc:xyz}) - IGNORED
* {footer: xyz} ({f:xyz}) - IGNORED
* {key: xyz} ({k:xyz}) - IGNORED